[remote or in person] Finance and Administrative Services Committee + Regular Board Meeting

City Colleges of Chicago

Thursday, March 7, 2024
12:30 p.m. — 4:00 p.m. CST

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30 E Lake St, Chicago, Illinois 60601 Chicago, IL 60601 (Directions)

Harold Washington College, 11th Floor, Room 1115

You have the option of documenting this meeting in person or remotely.

If you choose to attend in person, an additional hour will be added to your total assignment hours. You may be asked to provide government-issued photo ID and to go through a metal detector.

If you choose to document remotely, the meeting will be live-streamed via Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/@officeoftheboardoftrustees8376/streams. The live stream may not appear until or a few minutes after the scheduled start time. If you don’t see it right away, give it a few moments, then try refreshing your Internet tab to see if it loads. If you do not see the video by 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, let Documenters staff know via a “reply all” response to your assignment email.

For this assignment you will be documenting the following back-to-back meetings:

  • 12:30 p.m.: ​​​Finance and Administrative Services Committee
  • 2:00 p.m.: Board of Trustees

As of this writing, a meeting agenda has not yet been posted. It should become available at https://www.ccc.edu/departments/Pages/Board-of-Trustees.aspx in the “Learn More” section (if you’re accessing on a computer, this is in the lower right corner of the screen).

The end time of this assignment is an estimate based on past meeting durations.


Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Note-taking by Katrina A. Herring

City Colleges of Chicago is in the running for a federal grant for its quantum computing track.

Live reporting by Briana Madden

City Colleges of Chicago is in the running for a federal grant for its quantum computing track.

Bri Madden @bri_madden_
Hello Chicago! I’ll be live-tweeting today’s City Colleges of Chicago Finance and Administrative Services Committee Meeting and Regular Board Meeting for #CHIdocumenters

12:31 PM Mar 7, 2024 CST

Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 2/29
The meeting of the ​​​Finance and Administrative Services Committee is scheduled at 12:30pm and the Board of Trustees is scheduled at 2pm. There are no agendas available at this time.
Both meetings can be live-streamed at
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 3/29
The meeting of the Finance and Administrative Services Committee is called to order at 12:35pm and there is a quorum present.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 4/29
First, there are questions from the committee about a presentation given earlier this week on the topic of their investments and cash flow.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 5/29
The presenter says "In terms of the economy, we are thinking there's gonna be a soft landing... they've partially achieved their goal of containing inflation."
They say they want to make sure there's enough cash for the committee to make their disbursements.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 6/29
Next, there is a presentation on a $70k grant application that was submitted for Chicago, on the topic of quantum physics.
The presenter says there is an opportunity to build a "quantum workforce that looks like the people we serve."
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 7/29
Some of the benefits of the proposed grants include access to quantum education and opportunities for students from underrepresented group.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 8/29
The budget and partnerships for the proposed quantum grant are pictured below.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 9/29
The presenter says one reason a community college is in the lead for the quantum grant is because the focus of the program is racial equity.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 10/29
There are a few motions to make changes and cancellations to contracts for work on various properties.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 11/29
There is a motion to provide educational materials to students and include the costs upfront. This will allow the City Colleges to pass along savings to students and makes all the costs eligible for financial aid.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 12/29
There is another proposal to support the tech hub that would include the aforementioned quantum grant.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 13/29
The closed session minutes previous meetings have been made available, in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 14/29
There are proposals to renew an agreement to continue providing childcare and to provide substitute teachers at the childcare centers.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 15/29
There is an item regarding approval of legal fees for labor, corporate, and higher education matters. That concludes the review of board reports.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 16/29
The minutes from today's meeting are approved. The meeting is adjourned at 1:25pm.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 17/29
The Administrative Services Committee Meeting and Regular Board Meeting is called to order at 2:03pm and there is a quorum.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 18/29
There are a number of updates given, including the recent observation of National Hijab Day at Truman College and a presentation on "inclusivity vs. sensitivity" from Malcolm X College at a national conference.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 19/29
Wilbur Wright College had 13 social events, which included an event around robotics and technology and a pack the gym event.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 20/29
One committee member acknowledges Women's History Month and says there are many talented women on the committee and in the City Colleges organization as a whole. There is a round of applause "for the women leadership."
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 21/29
There is a comment recognizing a recent conversation between the administration and Black male students. According to the committee member, the students appreciated the efforts in mentorship.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 22/29
Several members of the faculty have received awards and recognition lately, including a faculty member in the field of mortuary science.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 23/29
There is a question about possible renovations at Kennedy King College. A representative from the school says a potential plan is to repurpose some currently unused library space. There is not a lot of demolition planned.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 24/29
A public commenter named Carlos talks about "decency" in the leadership of the City Colleges.
"Making decisions that benefit not only the top tier of the organization, but everyone," he says.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 25/29
Carlos directs these comments at the Chancellor. They say the Chancellor sent a letter to their organization asking them to stop calling him "The Walmart Chancellor." This was just the beginning of what they call harassment from the Chancellor.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 26/29
Carlos says they hope the Chancellor can grow as a leader.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 27/29
The next commenter is a former representative of public housing. They say their interest is in making solar and electric vehicle charging available at the City Colleges.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 28/29
There is a summary of the earlier finance committee meeting from Trustee Williams. Items from the Consent Agenda, which is available in person, are approved.
Bri Madden @bri_madden_ 29/29
The meeting is adjourned at 3:01pm

Agency Information

City Colleges of Chicago

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of City Colleges of Chicago Community College District No. 508, which operates seven accredited colleges located throughout Chicago. The City Colleges of Chicago Board is comprised of seven voting members serving three-year terms as appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council of Chicago. The Board includes one student trustee elected from one of the Colleges through a campus-wide election. For an overview of the Board of Trustees, including a link to where Board Reports (meeting agenda items and minutes), click here.


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